Hybrid printing systems – is the future already here?


Making up just 3% of total print volumes in 2013, the market for digitally printed labels is still relatively small. However, it is growing fast (by some 15-20% per year), and with a total production value of around 9%, it already offers highly attractive margins. IT Strategies predicts that digital printing is set to be a particularly important alternative to flexographic printing, with 10% of all of today’s flexographic jobs being produced digitally in the medium term. For label printers aiming to provide customers with the full spectrum of applications over the entire product life cycle of a particular label, it will therefore be necessary to consider offering digital solutions for short runs and processing industrially variable data (barcodes, QR codes, serial numbers, etc.). More




Material author: Gallus inTouch, Edition 41
Date: March 2015
Original: here
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