JSC “Liepājas Papīrs” launches first hybrid printing press in the Baltics


AS “Liepājas papīrs” in Liepāja has introduced the first hybrid printing facility in the Baltics  - MPS EF SYMJET, which was unveiled on July 19.


The celebratory event was opened by the Chairman of the Liepāja City Council Jānis Vilnītis, who in his address emphasized that AS “Liepājas papīrs” is a company with 121 years of history behind it, which “has been able to keep in step with the global demands, technology and knowledge, and that is truly unique”. J. Vilnītis wished “the “Liepājas papīrs” team to always remain creative and find new ideas how to stay ahead in their industry”.  Those present were also congratulated by the Executive Director of the Latvian Printers’ Association Ieva Bečere, AS “Liepājas papīrs” Head of Sales Artūrs Gabaliņš and the Chairman of the Board Normunds Jansons. N. Jansons revealed that this, the first and, for now, the only hybrid printing facility in the Baltics, was acquired based on the market demand and the customers’ expectations of new products for small and medium-run products.


The new facility is a combination of machinery developed by the Dutch company MPS Systems B.V. and British printing company DOMINO UK Limited, which now allows AS “Liepājas papīrs” to offer a more competitive product in the local market, as well as export markets in the medium-run sticker and label printing segment.


The most important advantages of the new equipment in working with different types of adhesive materials are:

- ability to ensure more nuanced tones (92% match to Pantone);

- possibility to produce work in a wider color range (10 colors = 8 digital + 2 flexo) thanks to the extended CMYK color model, which has been supplemented with orange and purple color to achieved improved gamut;

- ability to implement foil cold printing projects, laminating, and achieve color payoff that is equivalent to that of screen printing, thus allowing to create completely unique texture effects;

- savings - no need to invest in printing templates;

- savings by reducing wasted material;

- print speeds up to 75 m / min.


The head of the company, Normunds Jansons, emphasizes that the main advantage of the new facility is that “with this machine we are able to produce so much product in one hour, which would have taken infinitely more time when we were working with the previous digital printing machine.”  He also pointed out that the integration of the new machinery in the company’s operation, as well as the implementation of new printing processes is an important step in the development of the company and increasing its product range, as it must be taken into account that the acquisition of this facility has been the biggest investment in the history of the company, which must increase the return and the company’s competitiveness already in the next three-year period.


Closing out the event, Normunds Jansons congratulated everyone with the motto of the MPS EF SYMJET equipment, now installed at AS “Liepājas papīrs” - “make impossible, possible”, thus symbolically marking the beginnings of the hybrid printing technology and a new milestone in the printing industry in the Baltic States.


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Information prepared by:

Laura Liepiņa

AS “Liepājas Papīrs”

E.: laura@liepajaspapirs.lv

T.: +371 29479192

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