JSC Liepajas Papirs (AS „Liepājas papīrs”) invests in development

JSC Liepajas Papirs has made an investment of about half a million lats in their development, by purchasing four new and energy-efficient technological production lines for the manufacturing of self-adhesive labels. Two of the technological lines are printing units and the other two are designed for printing form production. These modern units that have been delivered from Italy, France and Belgium, will allow further improvement of the manufacturing processes and the company's competitiveness to be increased.
The president of the company Janis Vilnitis (Jānis Vilnītis) says: “Launching all four units will mean a very significant leap upwards quality-wise for us. JSC Liepajas Papirs is considered to be a stable company, however, it can only be stable if we make continuous investments in modern technologies."
These units were purchased within the project "Optimisation of the Self-Adhesive Label Printing and After-treatment Line", which was financed by the Climate Change Financial Instrument (CCFI).
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