Quality and environment

In order to ensure a permanent level of service quality, the company has implemented a quality management system that is certified in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001. The certificate confirms that the company follows basic principles of quality management such as being a client-orientated company, using a systemic management approach, ensuring continuous improvement, practicing a mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers etc.
In order to purposefully reduce the company’s impact on the environment and the surrounding society, while at the same time following the regulatory requirements of the environmental protection field, the company has a certified environmental management system. The certificate confirms that the company’s management system has been audited and approved compliant with the ISO 14001 management system standard requirements for the sphere of activity “Production and services of printing products”.
In order to reduce the amount of processing waste, to preserve natural resources and to avoid environmental pollution, the company sorts waste, by giving unusable office paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, packaging film and used batteries for recycling.
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