Labels for chemical and industrial products

Labels for chemical and industrial products

Label plays an important role
It is important for companies in the industrial sector to find a cost-effective solution that is in accordance with the requirements. The practical function is important to the product packaging. The label can either be durable and sustainable or exactly the opposite – easily removable. Labels on chemical and industrial products must be able to withstand the environmental conditions, at the same time they must ensure persistence, a clear image and maintain a decorative appearance. Labels very often give important information about the product.
Diverse label printing solutions
JSC Liepajas Papirs produces labels of various shapes, sizes and colours for chemical and industrial products. We offer high-quality printing solutions:
  • for chemical substances and products
  • for paints, varnishes and construction materials
  • for agricultural products
  • for electronic devices
  • for furniture, recreational and sports goods, toys
  • for car tyres, car chemicals
  • for other products


Packaging environment
Product packaging and labels must be in accordance with the environmental conditions and requirements – cold, warm, wet, greasy, uneven. Labels in the industrial sector are subject to harsh environmental conditions and are therefore subject to strict requirements. These products are labelled outdoors, by taking into account the sunray impact, oxidation and the fact that packaging may contain active chemical substances.
In order to achieve the desired result and to ensure the optimal price, an appropriate material must be chosen. It is essential to choose the right glue.
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