Labels for fish and seafood

Labels for fish and seafood

A label that is appropriate for your product
JSC Liepajas Papirs produces labels of various shapes, sizes and colours for both brand products and retail. We offer high-quality printing solutions for fish and seafood products.
The experience and skills of our employees allows us to offer our customers innovative packaging solutions. 
Solutions for varied packaging
The wide range of self-adhesive materials and glues enables us to offer solutions for varied packaging: glass, hard and soft plastics, paper and cardboard, elastic materials, metal. There is a growing demand for labels that are in direct contact with food.
Packaging environment
Food product packaging and labels must be in accordance with the environmental conditions and requirements – cold, warm, wet, greasy, uneven. In order to achieve the desired result and to ensure the optimal price, an appropriate material must be chosen. It is essential to choose the right glue.
Label compliance with food labelling requirements
We offer packaging solutions that ensure that the labels comply with the regulatory acts regarding materials and products, which are intended for direct and indirect contact with food.
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To receive information regarding the printing options and to find the best solution for your product, please, contact our Sales Project Manager


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Sales Project Manager Europe

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