Labels for household and personal care products

Labels for household and personal care products

Label – a way to make your product stand out
In the household and personal care product sphere it is important that the packaging gives information about the advantages and differences of the particular product. New products are implemented in the market and existing products are improved very frequently, therefore the label must attract the customers’ attention. When buying products, customers mostly make impulsive purchases. It confirms that the product must make a first impression as an attractive product that can retain attention.
Diverse label printing solutions
JSC Liepajas Papirs produces labels of various shapes, sizes and colours for household and personal care products. We offer high-quality printing solutions:
  • for household products
  • for personal care products
  • for cosmetics
  • for perfume
  • for other products
Packaging environment and types of packaging
The wide range of self-adhesive materials and glues enables us to offer various solutions for packaging of different shapes and types: glass, hard and soft plastic, paper and cardboard, elastic materials, metal. Products of this sphere are often used in a humid, wet and greasy environment, and they can also have chemical contents.
In order to achieve the desired result and to ensure the optimal price, an appropriate material must be chosen. It is essential to choose the right glue.
bThere are various solutions – elastic materials, materials that fulfil the open-close function (wet wipes), materials with the effect of a soft touch, a very thin material with an “invisible label” effect providing the packaging with a sense of lightness. If you need a label for packaging that is regularly squeezed (a shampoo bottle), you can use a plastic material, which ensures that the label maintains a constant look and remains firmly attached to the packaging.
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