Labels for non-alcoholic beverages

Labels for non-alcoholic beverages

Well considered label design – a path to the customer
Product brand and marketing play an important role in the non-alcoholic beverage industry. Innovative materials and modern printing solutions allow producers to place effective labels on their products. In order for non-alcoholic beverage manufacturers to reach their customers, labels contain bright colours and interesting finish methods. It is possible to give any label an invisible look, allowing the product to visually blend with the packaging.
An effective label for your product
JSC Liepajas Papirs produces labels of various shapes, sizes and colours for non-alcoholic beverages. We offer high-quality printing solutions for beverages:
  • water
  • juices
  • carbonated beverages
  • other non-alcoholic beverages


Packaging solutions
Labels on beverage packaging must adapt to the environmental conditions and requirements. An essential quality is the ability to withstand temperature fluctuations, humidity and condensation. Each customer’s requirement has a result – easily washable labels (for reusable bottle labelling) or very strong persistent labels and labels with resistance to cold, humidity and pasteurisation.
In order to achieve the desired result and to ensure the optimal price, an appropriate material must be chosen. It is essential to choose the right glue.
Solutions for your requirements
In order to achieve the desired result, we offer customers printing on traditional, modern and special materials – with texture, with coating and without coating, and metallised materials that allow us to obtain a modern looking label design. Foil and film materials will allow customers to fulfil their creative desires. Sometimes, in order for your product to be different and noticeable, all that is needed is a simple and tasteful solution – giving the label an invisible look that creates a feeling that the text is printed directly on the packaging.
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