Other solutions

Other solutions


JSC Liepajas Papirs produces labels of various shapes, sizes and colours. We offer high-quality printing solutions:

  • for tickets in rolls
  • for product safety
  • for the transportation and logistics sector
  • for labels with Braille text
  • for other products


Tickets in rolls

The company produces tickets in rolls in various sizes and colours for commercial purposes. During the manufacturing process we use a high-quality material thermo-cardboard. Our offering includes high-quality printing solutions for different occasions.


Labels for product safety

There are several innovative solutions to avoid any unwanted manipulations, counterfeiting attempts and to allow tracking of the product. It is possible to create safety labels and packaging solutions that create a sense of safety for the customer and thus protect the brand of the company. Such solutions are usually chosen by pharmaceutical and electronic product manufacturing companies. Protection mechanisms can be both visible and visible only by using special equipment.


Solutions in the logistics sector

We offer different solutions for the transportation and logistics sector. These labels must be durable but at the same time their service life is short.


Labels with Braille text

We offer solutions for labels with Braille text imprint. Such labels are in demand in the pharmaceutical sector, and they can also be applied for other products of course.

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